Course Description

    Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  Through the study of psychology, students acquire an understanding of and an appreciation for human behavior, behavior interaction and the progressive development of individuals.

    Course Outline

    1st Quarter:                        

    • Major Theories and Orientations of Psychology
    • Psychological Methodology
    • Memory and Cognition
    • Human growth and development

    2nd Quarter:                       

    • Personality
    • Abnormal behavior
    • Stress/Coping Strategies & Mental Health

    3rd Quarter:                       

    • Statistical Research
    • Psychobiology
    • Motivation and emotion
    • Sensation & Perception

    4th Quarter:                       

    • States of Consciousness
    • Psychological Testing
    • Social Psychology


    Thinking About Psychology

    ISBN # 978-1-4292-3326-2

    Class Supplies


    Pen / Pencil

    Colored Pencils

    Ear Buds


     Grades / Grading Scale

    Grades will be include:

    • Vocab Quiz                                                                                                
    • Unit Test
    • Daily Assignments
    • Projects


    • Exams, essays, and other assignments are graded using a point scale.
    • Semester grades are calculated according to the CCPS matrix.
    • Cheating is not tolerated and any assignment that found to have unauthorized assistance will receive a grade of ZERO.


     Classroom Procedures / Expectations

    Tardy Policy

    • The school wide tardy policy will be strictly enforced.
    • Students must be in the classroom and in their assigned seat before the last bell rings.
    • All students entering the classroom after the bell and without a pass will be marked tardy.


    Attendance / Make Up Work

    When a student misses a class it is their responsibility to acquire the missed work.  DO NOT ask me for missed work during class time.  Students may see me before or after school.  Students may also access the class website to print handouts and notes. A missed test or quiz can be made up before or after school.  Please schedule a time to take the test or quiz.


    Late Work:

    10% will be taken off all assignments for each day the work is late. 


    Cell Phone / Electronic Devices

    Cell Phones and/or electronic devices will be stored in backpacks.  The use of electronic devices is prohibited unless the teacher gives explicit permission. Habitual offenses will result in the phone being confiscated and turned into the dean’s office with a referral.


    Student Planner

    Students will be required to have their student planner daily.

    Student planner will act as hall pass.

    Students out in the hall without planner will be sent back to class



    Be respectful of yourself, fellow classmates, teachers, and school.

    Following this one simple expectation will help you cover 99.9% of all that is asked from you at Charlotte High School.