• Class and Lab Expectations

    • Be respectful to each other, the classroom, the land lab, equipment, and your teacher.
    • Follow all of the school rules in the classroom, land lab, on field trips, and any organized activity involving this course. 
    • Be on time and prepared for class each day.  You should be in the classroom when the bell rings.  For travel to and from the land lab you will be allowed 3 extra minutes each way.  You must be inside the gate by the end of the 3 minutes to be considered on time. 
    • No horseplay in the classroom or land lab.  This is for your safety, the safety of your peers, and the animals housed at the land lab.
    • Proper clothing should be worn in the land lab or veterinary clinic, etc.  This class includes physical activity, working with large and small animals, working with tools and equipment, and you must be dressed properly in order to complete the assigned tasks safely.
    • An overall GPA of 2.5 should be maintained in order to continue in this program, with a “B” average in the coursework. 
    • Cellphones must be in your backpack or in the sleeves in the back and should not be seen during class time.

    Supply Lists


    •  1 ½” or larger 3 ring binder
    •  Pen, pencil, highlighter, and notebook paper
    •  Closed toed shoes for land lab work (A change of clothes may also be needed depending on what you wear that day)
    •  Gardening gloves

    Veterinary Assisting 1 and 2

    • 1 ½” or larger 3 ring binder   
    • 200 index cards
    • 1 pack of section dividers (5 dividers) 
    • Closed toed shoes and scrubs
    • Pen, pencil, highlighter and notebook paper
    • standard calculator

    Veterinary Assisting 3 and 4

    • Transportation to and from clinic daily
    • scrubs and acceptable closed toe shoes
    • 1" or larger 3 ring binder
    • notebook paper
    • pen or pencil
    • standard calculator

    Animal Science 2 and 3

    • 1 ½” or larger 3 ring binder
    • Pen or pencil
    • Notebook paper
    • Closed toe shoes or boots that can get dirty and long pants