Robber Bridegroom
Anything Goes

Codes and Contact Information

  • Google Classroom access codes

    Period One:    Theatre Level I - GC code     a675y7g

    Period Two:    Theatre Level I - GC code     r22y5jd

    Period Three:  Theatre Level II - GC code   bvpjx5t

    Period Five:     Hist of Mus. The. - GC code 6s45wxg

    Period Six:      Advanced Theatre - GC code  7gkrjyg

    Period Seven:  Tech. Theatre - GC code  abqr43v


    Students are expected to go to the Google Classroom site and add themselves to the appropriate class section for their schedule using the codes listed above.


    Remind access codes

    Students should text the following codes for their class period to 81010

    Per 1:  @k2fca699kk       Per 2:  @4c766hk482     

    Per 3:  @b27ggb3e3a     Per 5:  @33h6b89hgh     

    Per 6:   @f3kcbf3g6b      Per 7:  @g86dhc2bgb