Throughout each semester students WILL be required to present certain work for grade.  This will include written assignments, written critiques, self-evaluations and live performance work.  The THEATRE ARTS evaluation rubric used for the determination of their class grades is as follows:

    6=Excellent Focus and Commitment

                Unmistakable connection between the concentration and the performance

                Viewer is engaged with the performer

                Effective connection of idea and technique

                Stage Techniques strong to excellent

                Development and skill shown

                Excellent quality

    5=Strong Focus and Commitment

                Close relationship between concentration and the performance

                Concentration is good with thought shown in the work

                Competent connection with the idea

                Technically competent

    4=Good Focus and Commitment

                Performance has a sense of concentration

                Stage technique is good

                Some growth and discovery evident

                Overall effect of the performance is good

    3=Moderate Focus and Commitment

                The work is some competency levels but could have been developed more

                Performance choices may be too broad and lacking specificity

                Moderate stage techniques are demonstrated

    2=Weak Focus and Commitment

                Little development of the idea is present

                Weak execution of necessary stage techniques and skills are evident

                A good start but does not show a depth of investigation and research

    1=Poor Focus and Commitment

                No sense of research or investigation

                No competence of stage techniques

                Very poor quality of performance demonstrated

    Grading scales and application to the assessment rubric:

    6=A+, 5=A, 4=B, 3=C, 2=D, 1=F