Blue = Period 5
Red = Period 7

  • Critical Concepts

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    Homework assignments will mostly be online through MyHRW or Google Doc. If an assignment is paper, it will be upload to Google Classroom either by scanning or taking pictures of the worksheets. All students must submit a picture or scanned copy of their work to receive full credit. If a student does not have Internet at home, he or she can come to my room to work on the assignments in the morning. 



    • Unit Tests: 100 pts
    • Critical Concept Checkpoints: 50 pts
    • Classwork/Homework/Projects: 5 - 50 pts
    • Algebra Nation 40 pts 


    FOCUS Gradebook Codes:

    • X = Excused
    • CNF = Critical Concept Checkpoint Not Finished
      • It will not be calculated into grade until they finish the assessment in a timely manner.
    • CNT = Critical Concept Checkpoint Not Taken
      • It will calculate as a zero until the assessment is made up.
    • TNF = Test Not Finished
      • It will not be calculated into grade until they finish the test in a timely manner.
    • TNT = Test Not Taken 
      • It will calculate as a zero until the test is made up.
    • IP =  In Progress
      • It will not calcualted the grade until I put it in the gradebook.
    • M = Missing
      • It will calcualte as a zero until it is turned in. 
    • 0 = Student did not complete the assignment/assessment as requestedor was caught cheating.


    Helpful Links

    • Algebra Nation
      • Click "Enter"
      • Type in "Charlotte High School"
      • Select "Charlotte High School (0031) - Punta Gorda"
      • Click "Log in with Google"
      • It will either log you in automatically or you will have to put your school email (8 and school password.
    • Khan Academy