• Welcome to Marine Science!



    Students and Parents join my Remind to stay updated:

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    If you are absent, please check my Google Classroom for the lesson plans:

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    Classroom Rules:  

    1. Face coverings & ID’s must be worn at all times.
    2. Be respectful of yourself, others and property.
    3. No rolling in chairs.
    4. Throw away trash, do not leave trash in the sink or cubbies.
    5. Keep cell phone in bin or put away (not visible).
    6. No food or drinks other than water allowed in the classroom.
    7. Be a leader, be a learner, be a Tarpon.

    Classroom Procedures:  

    1. Enter quietly and go directly to your assigned seat.
    2. Read the back board to see what your Do Now is.
    3. Gather materials needed for that lesson.
    4. Put cell phone away in backpack and then put your back pack in your cubbie.
    5. Wait quietly for class to begin.
    6. Check to make sure your area is clean and throw away papers/trash in the garbage can.
    7. Roll chair under table & check for writing on table. (except 7th period, put chair on table.)
    8. Try to use restroom and get water between classes. To leave the classroom, you must have a planner.

    Teaching Rules/Procedures

    1.  Refrain from talking when the teacher is speaking, teaching, reading, or when other students are reading or presenting.
    2. Place cell phone in bin on table or away (not visible).
    3. Anytime a student misses class due to a school function, he/she is expected to be prepared for the next class session. Look on classroom google for assignments. Homework and class work should be secured before the date of a known absence.
    4. If excused absence due to illness, check classroom google for assignments.  Two days for each day of absence shall be given to complete all make up work.
    5. All policies set for by Charlotte High School, as well as those discussed in the Student Code of Conduct handbook, will be the main guidelines for class procedures.