On a daily basis, students need to have a pen (black/blue) or pencil

    -  A notebook with lined paper

    - highlighters (optional) to make their notes pop a little from the page


    All Spanish students will also need to create an account in the Duolingo Ap using there 800 number.  To join the Spanish class the code is tu.8zPhLfJHkFpLD.  An assignment in Duolingo will be given every two weeks.  It will be worth 20 points total.  If a student is on level 1, they will earn 5 points.  If the student is on level 2, they will earn 10 points.  If the student is on level 3, they will earn 15 points.  If a student is on level 4, they will earn 20 points.  If the student goes beyond level 4, they will earn extra credit points.  Level 5 will be awarded 23 points total and level 6 will be awarded 25 points.  These assignments are to be completed on the students own time.  I would suggest spending 5 to 10 minutes a day.  These assignments will NOT be accepted late.  If the student is absent on the date it is due, they will need to submit a screen shot of the assignment indicating the level they have reached.  They may send the screen shot to either my email address (debra.morris@yourcharlotteschools.net) or my remind ap.  



    Period 1 - df886d2c3h

    Period 2 - 8a9hfh88e4

    Period 3 - ch783gcf72

    Period 4 - 9f939hh2fg

    Period 5 - c396h63ed6

    Period 6 - 2ah48bb26h