a sanitized mask is great protection

COVID-19 procedures and expectations in the classroom

  • Masks and Social Distancing in Theatre Lab/Classrooms


    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new classroom procedures will be established for daily use during the 2020-2021 school year (Until further notice.)

    Students are expected to understand and observe the following protocols strictly and carefully.

    1 - All students are required to wear a mask upon entry to the classroom. This includes but is not limited to home-made cloth masks, commercially purchased masks and/or medical grade masks. As your instructor, I will be wearing a protective face covering at all times. Only students with a written doctor's note will be excused from this, and must provide that prior to the start of that class period.

    2 - Chair formations will vary between classes, and between class instructional units, taking class sizes into consideration. Students will be seated at a proper distance, and will not be permitted to move their chairs from their assigned location unless specifically instructed to do so.  Also, for the first time since my arrival as CHS, students will observe a seating chart for all class periods.  This insures that you will sit in the same seat each day and substantially reduce the number of people that come in contact with your assigned seat.  Chairs will receive regular sanitizing throughout the day.

    3 - Personal hand sanitizers are encouraged for use by all students entering the Lab/classroom. Please be vigilant with maintaining hand cleanliness, at the door prior to entrance or at your seat upon arrival to the classroom. Limited supplies may be available for use that is provided by the instructor for any students in need.  Please be prepared and do not rely solely on hand sanitizer provided.

    4 - Personal waterbottles will continue to be allowed, however NO student may share their personal supplies with any other student in the room.  This includes school supplies.  Basic pencils, paper and other necessary items will continue to be available for you at my desk, as needed.  Clean supplies will be in a clearly indenitfied location.  

    5 -  Students leaving the Lab to use the restroom are expected to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, as instructed by CDC guidelines.

    All of these current procedures are devised to keep us all as safe as possible in the classroom, and procedures may be updated as necessary when new guidelines occur.