Class Rules and Expectations:


    1. Each student is required to bring the following to class every day: writing utensil and a spiral notebook.   Once the student receives their Chromebook - this must be brought everyday.  Assignments will be given electronically.


    1. It is the student’s responsibility upon his/her return from absence to obtain any missed work. Refer to the student handbook to see the time frame for when work is due.


    1. All students are to be in the classroom when the second bell rings to begin class. Any student who is tardy to class without just cause will be marked as an unexcused tardy.


    1. No student may move freely around the room during direct instruction without permission.


    1. No student will be allowed to leave the room during the first or last (10) minutes of class.


    1. Cell phones and headphones are not to be used without teacher approval during class time.


    1. Teacher/ Student and Parent conferences are encouraged. To set up a conference, the teacher may be contacted directly or through the Guidance Department. (941)575-5450.


    1. All rules and regulations set forth in the Charlotte County Student Code of Conduct will be enforced in the classroom.