Instructions for adding an endorsement to your teaching certificate

    1. Go to the FLDOE website and fill out an application to add the endorsement via Charlotte County (District 8). For additional information, see video instructions. DO NOT submit payment to FLDOE, see Step 2.

    2. Click here to submit a $75.00 endorsement and add a fee through the Charlotte County Public Schools PayPal account. Save a copy of your receipt to your desktop. You will need to upload your receipt when you complete the CCPS Endorsement Add form in Step 3.

    3. Go to ClassLink > Employee Resources > Records > Available Forms and click on CERT Endorsement Add to open an Endorsement Add form. Complete all required areas and submit. If you are adding an endorsement as a result of taking a certification exam, you must attach the test results.(s).


    1. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from FLDOE. You can log-in to your FLDOE account to review the status of your endorsement at any time by visiting the FLDOE website found in Step 1.

    2. Questions?

      • Email 
      • Call: 
        • Pam Pezzullo, Human Resources, 255-0808 x2074
        • Professional Learning, 255-7675 x3 or direct dial 1251.


  • Autism Endorsement Courses

    *Only ESE Certified Teachers can add this as an endorsement to their teaching certificate.

    Beacon Educator Online Facilitated Courses:

    • Positive Behavior Supports (60 hours)
    • Communication Needs for Students with Autism (60 hours)
    • Nature, Needs and Assessment (60 hours)
    • Diagnosis and Assessment for Students with Autism (60 hours)
  • ESOL Endorsement Courses

    Beacon Educator Online Facilitated Courses:

    • Cross-Cultural Communications (60 hours)
    • Applied-Linguistics (60 hours)
    • Methods of Teaching (60 hours)
    • Curriculum & Materials (60 hours)
    • Testing & Evaluation (60 hours)

    ESOL Requirements

  • Gifted Endorsement Courses

    Beacon Educator Online Facilited Courses:

    • Curriculum & Instruction Strategies (60 hours)
    • Educating Special Populations (60 hours)
    • Guidance & Counseling (60 hours)
    • Nature & Needs (60 hours)
    • Theory & Development of Creativity (60 hours)


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