• Welcome Back to Art!  

    Please watch the video for your grade level before you do the art today. 

    This week we are going to do a scavenger hunt to create a color wheel.   

    The Kindergarten through second grade will make one that includes the Primary and secondary colors.

    The third through fifth grades will make one that includes Intermediate or Tertiary colors.

    Use anything of color you find around your house.  It is fun and interesting to try and make this color wheel.

    You can use toys, dishes, colothes, jewelry, etc...  Whatever you can find that is a good color for your color wheel. 

    Have Fun and remember to send your picture with permission to post it on the website. 

    V.A.K-5.H.2.3, V.A.K-, V.A.K-, V.A., V.A.K-

Intermediate Color Wheel