Certification Information

  • Contact: ccps.certification@yourcharlotteschools.net

    Would you like to become a Teacher in Charlotte County?

    If you already have a Bachelor's degree, then you can become eligible for Florida teacher certification under one of the following options:

    • Pass an appropriate subject area exam; OR
    • Earn a degree major in an appropriate subject area; OR
    • Complete the appropriate coursework in a subject area with 2.5 GPA; OR
    • Complete a teacher Prep program from an accredited college; OR
    • Possess a currently valid out of state teaching license in an equivalent subjects area and grade level offered by Florida.

    To view a simplified illustration of the Florida certification process, please click the information link: Certificate Pathways & Routes. A teacher may begin teaching under either a temporary certificate or a professional certificate.

    Do you have a Temporary Teaching Certificate?

    Teachers with a temporary certificate need to meet professional certification requirements prior to the expiration of the temporary certificate in order to retain their certified status.

    To view a document that outlines options for meeting the requirements for moving from a temporary certificate to a professional certificate, please click the following link: Upgrading from a Temporary to a Professional Certificate.

    Refer to your original statement of eligibility letter for your specific requirements.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.