• Hello Tigers!!! 

    Welcome to Week 8! Every week I will post a new video here on the site, and a new "assignment" in QuaverMusic (remember that you find Quaver in ClassLink 😉).  These assignments aren't required, but there are some fun activities I know you'll want to try.  To get to your assignment once you are on Quaver Street, look under the door to the music store, click on Student>Assignments>Music @ Home (whichever one you choose) > launch. 

    Students can receive 100 QuaverNotes FREE during May!  In the Quaver Music app, students can click on their avatar, click on the purple "My Account" tab, and then click on the "ENTER QUAVERCODE" button.  The code is AlmostSummertime20

    I also have several other codes to give you that expire on July 1st, so please... the codes expire, but the QuaverNotes don't.

    The code KeepMusicMoving1 will give you 100 QuaverNotes.

    The code KeepMusicMoving2 will give you 100 QuaverNotes.

    The code KeepMusicMoving3 will give you 100 QuaverNotes.

    The code KeepMusicMoving4 will give you 100 QuaverNotes.

    The code MusicAtHome will give you 200 QuaverNotes.

    The code MusicAtHome400 will give you 400 QuaverNotes.

    The code MusicAtHome500 will give you 500 QuaverNotes.

    My official office hours are 8-noon Monday -Friday, but please do not hesitate to reach out at any time - I will help in any way I can.  I miss being in the same room with you and having fun making music. Please send me photos or short videos - I would love to see what you're up to and what amazing music skills you are developing!

    michelle.jensen@yourcharlotteschools.net  or also on the REMIND app

    - 💙Mrs. Jensen