Mental & Emotional Health Education for Students

  • Beginning this school year, school districts must annually provide a minimum of five (5) hours of instruction to students in grades 6-12 related to youth mental health awareness and assistance, including suicide prevention and the impacts of substance abuse.  

    Using the health education standards adopted in rule 6A-1.094121, F.A.C., Student Performance Standards, the instruction for youth mental and emotional health will advance each year through developmentally appropriate instruction and skill building and must address, at a minimum, the following topics:

    (a) Recognition of signs and symptoms of mental health disorders;

    (b) Prevention of mental health disorders:

    (c) Mental health awareness and assistance; 

    (d) How to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders;

    (e) Awareness of resources, including local, school, and community resources;

    (f) The process for accessing treatment;

    (g) Strategies to develop healthy coping techniques;

    (h) Strategies to support a peer, friend, or family member with a mental health disorder;

    (i) Prevention of suicide; and

    (j) Prevention of the abuse of and addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

    Charlotte County Schools Implementation Plan

    The School Support and Learning Divisions collaborated to develop a plan to meet the five hour mental health education requirement through a combination of online learning, direct instruction from school based mental health staff, district created videos, and community partnerships with Charlotte Behavioral Health Center (CBHC) and Drug Free Charlotte County (DFCC).  This plan will be implemented for the first time during the 2019/20 school year and includes the following: 

    Signs of Suicide will be provided by staff members from CBHC and supported by school based mental health staff.  Signs of Suicide is a universal, school-based depression awareness and suicide prevention program.   

    Everfi is an online education platform. Charlotte County Schools will be using the Mental Wellness Basics Modules that will provide education on self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. 

    Just the Facts (Middle School) will be provided by staff members from DFCC.  Students will be provided with research regarding drugs and alcohol as well as how they can affect the brain and body. 

    Night Vision Presentation (High School)  is a presentation by the National Guard that will provide students with education regarding the five gateway drugs and the dangers associated with each.  

    School Based Video will familiarize students with their school based mental health staff and ways to access supports/services for themselves and others. 

    Coping skills class presented by school based mental health staff will assist students with recognizing and using effective coping strategies in a variety of situations.  (Personal Toolbox PowerPoint & Personal Toolbox Worksheet

    Coping strategies video ("Growing Up Stressed or Growing Up Mindful") with guiding questions and reflective activities.