•  I am Mrs. Walsh and I can be reached at 941-575-5485 extension 232. My email is kathleen.walsh@yourcharlotteschools .net. 

    This course is grade six World History and the content includes the world's oldest civilizations. It covers the ancient and classical world and civilizations of Asia, Africa and

    China. Students will be exposed to the multiple worlds of ecconomics, geography, politics and religion/philosophy. Students will study how historians work and learn

    about primary and secondary sources and learn about historical documents.

    Topics covered will be Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, as well as using real historical documents I have accrued from my family tree. We follow the guidelines

    of the district with what we are using for each semester. 

    Late work will be dealt with on an individual basis. Points taken off will depend on the circumstances. Chronic late work will result in a phone call home and finding out

    why the work is being done late, or not at all. No names on papers is difficult. I take off ten points in August, by September it is 20 points, October it is 30. With almost 

    a hundred and fifty students, I need names on papers. Drawings on papers that distract will also be docked, but by 5 points, and writing in pen other than blue or

    black results in losing 5 points. OSS students go by the all school policy, which I believe is in the handbook.

    Grades are put in and only calclulated to 100, I do not do differing breakdowns right now but will post changes if I do. I grade everything the same right now,

    test,quiz, project. Projects will have a proper rubric, which will be posted when the time comes. 

    Students need a binder, one inch is fine, with dividers. Please come to class prepared with pencils and pens every day. The textbook is available online as well. We are 

    keeping the textbooks and workbooks in the class, the students take their binders with them.