6th Grade Language Arts Class Expectations

    Curriculum areas we will focus on this school year include:

    • A collection of Short Stories
    • Novels
    • Media Analysis
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing: Book reports, Short Stories, Augmentative essay, Expository essay, Informative essays, and Research

    Student’s need to bring the following items to class everyday:

      • Pencils, Pencils, Pencils and erasers or Pens
      • Textbook
      • Homework
      • 3-Ring Binder (stored in classroom)

    Classroom work policy:

    • Homework assignments: homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated in class. Please check my school Website daily/weekly
    • Students will have 1-2 projects per semester: (examples: book report…writing assignments….book talks…research)
    • Notebook organization (To Stay in Class Room)
    • Quizzes weekly…..usually Thursday or Friday and chapter Tests at the end of each chapter

    Grading Policy:Grades are generated by work done in class and work assigned to be completed outside the classroom.  This includes: quizzes, homework, class work, notebook checks, projects, class participation and Student Success Skills (organization and class preparedness). 

    Absent policy: Student must complete ALL work missed when absent….they will have 2 days for every day absent to complete missed work. If you know you will be absent please contact me prior, so I can give you what you will miss during that time. 

     The teacher’s responsibilities include:

      • Treat you with respect and care.
      • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for you.
      • Provide appropriate discipline.
      • Provide necessary instruction.
      • Prepare and deliver accurate lessons that will guide the students toward succeeding in the classroom.
      • Provide immediate feedback for any work that has been turned in.

    The student’s responsibilities include:

      • Treat your teacher and other students with respect.
      • Attend class daily.
      • To be attentive and cooperative.
      • To not be disruptive.
      • To study and complete all work.
      • To learn and master the required content.

    Class Rules:

        • Treat everyone in class with respect.
        • Classwork and Homework must be neat, orderly and turned in on time.
        • All work must be done in PENCIL.
        • Pencils must be sharpened at beginning of class.
        • You may leave the classroom only with permission.
        • Arrive to class on time and with all materials.
        • Do not interrupt others while they are talking.
        • If you have a question about anything, PLEASE ASK!!!

    *For privacy issues no cameras or cell phones are to be used in class. Cell phones must be turned off and put away.

              *Contact me with any concerns: cindy.galeone@yourcharlotteschools.net



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              *Contact me with any concerns: cindy.galeone@yourcharlotteschools.net

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