Please make sure that your student has their own.  If there is an issue (financial or otherwise) that may cause your student to not have all of the required supplies, please email me at michele.michaels@yourcharlotteschools.net.

    Most of these supplies will be used on a daily basis.

    Many of these items can be purchased at a dollar store.

    • Pencil Box/Bag (to keep all supplies in)
    • Composition book (for interactive notebook)
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Folder (to keep all papers in)
    • Pencils/erasers
    • Colored Pen (red/green/purple - for checking papers)
    • Scissors
    • Glue Sticks or transparent tape (these will need to be replaced throughout school year)
    • Highlighters
    • Low Odor Dry Erase Marker - No Red (used with student whiteboards for class activities)
    • Colored pencils/crayons/markers (your choice of one of these)
    • Regular Headphones/Earbuds (dollar store!) - these will be used with the Chromebooks during class.  Cannot use apple headphones or Airbuds
    • Calculator (will NOT be provided by teacher due to Covid 19 restrictions. Phones may not be used)
      • Many teachers use the following calculator throughout our high school:  Texas Instruments TI-30X ($8-10 at Walmart/Target).
      • Please know that there is no specific brand that is necessary.  Scientific calculators can be helpful.  A generic calculator can be bought at a dollar store!  Be sure that it had the positive/negative button on it!
    • Chromebook and charger

    Needed for classroom to help keep all students safe.  Any help with these supplies would be appreciated!

    • Non-scented Hand Sanitizer 
    • Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    Please remember that the students are responsible for their own belongings.  Don't feel the need to spend a lot of money on everything.  Most school supply items can be purchased at the dollar store.