Coach working with students on our garden

Our KES Garden 2019

  • Coach McCarthy, Mr. Atherton, and about 10 students from the KEEP program worked together to plant the garden and water it on a daily bases. The sunflowers and corn stalks are now over 7 feet tall! The garden bags were placed into a small kiddie pool so that the plant roots can stay watered over the weekend and holiday breaks. Once everything has grown, the KEEP students will have the chance to taste test the different vegetables. We are very excited to create an even bigger garden next year, and involve all the students in gardening activities. 

    In early February we filled garden grow bags with very rich organic soil and planted the following:

    • Black Hungarian Peppers
    • Lipstick Sweet Peppers
    • Brad's Atomic Grape Tomatoes
    • Gaillardia Flowers
    • Mixed Sunflowers
    • and Sweet Corn

    Did you know that a typical human needs about 50 liters of oxygen per hour and a typical houseplant leaf produces about 5 ml of oxygen per hour?  So, you would need about 500-700 potted houseplants to keep you alive in an airlock. Gardening teaches our students to be mindful about the precarious balance that maintains life on this planet. Plants are not just green stuff to be taken for granted, they are our survival, and growing them should never stop being our heritage.

    -Coach McCarthy and Mr. Atherton