Why Choose CTC?

Why Choose the CTC?

  • A Career in a Year

    Most of our career training programs allow you to learn the job skills you need in less than a year. Think about it – you could be on your way to a new career in less than a year! Many recent workforce and labor studies indicate that two out of three jobs created between now and 2030 will require education and training beyond a high school diploma, but not necessarily a four-year college degree. Learn more about how Florida’s Public Technical Colleges/Centers play a critical role in preparing Florida’s next-generation workforce. www.careerinayearfl.com

    Tomorrow’s Careers

    70% of tomorrow’s careers require education beyond high school, but less than a 4-year degree.

    High Tech, Hands-On Training

    Students use the tools and technology of professionals working in their career field of interest. All equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

    Small Classes

    Classes are small so students receive individual attention every day.

    Affordable Tuition

    CTC is part of The Charlotte County School District and supported by tax dollars. Tuition is reasonably priced.

    Financial Aid

    Financial aid is available for those who qualify. We are proud of the fact that our students graduate with jobs, not loans. Scholarships are also available.

    Advisory Committees

    Each program is supported by local business and industry members who help our instructors stay current in their fields. The advisory committee members also provide opportunities for internships and jobs upon graduation.

    Industry Certifications

    Our curriculum and instruction is designed to prepare you for success on the appropriate licensure exams and industry certifications.

    Job Placement

    We prepare students for the high skill/high wage careers in our community. Our full-time career specialist is available to assist students in finding the right job.


    CTC is fully accredited through the Council on Occupational Education. In addition, many of our programs are also accredited through their associations and agencies.


    We offer over 20 programs, exceptional instructors, great business and industry partnerships, industry-standard curriculum, equipment, and technology, which all equal SUCCESS!