Advisory Boards

  • CTC Advisory Board Purpose

    Institutional Advisory Board

    In order to better align workforce programs with local business needs, as well as meet the requirements of F.S. 1001.42 and Council of Occupational Education (COE), the Charlotte Technical College has established an Institutional Advisory Board. The advisory board guides the strategic direction of the institution and provides community involvement in maintaining a relevant mission for the institution. COE required activities suggested for the Institutional Advisory Board include –

    • Annual review of the Charlotte Technical College Strategic Plan
    • Annual evaluation and revision of the institution’s written plan for the operation, maintenance and improvement of the physical plan.
    • Annual evaluation and revision of the institution’s written health and safety plan.
    • Review of the institution’s financial and physical resources.
    • Validate the planning of new programs.

    Occupational Advisory Boards

    Occupational Advisory Boards are intended to ensure that desirable, relevant and current practices for each occupation are being taught. COE required activities that may be accomplished by the occupational advisory board includes –

    • Assist with recruiting for programs.
    • Verify that the program is congruent with local employment needs.
    • Assist with the development of program objectives.
    • Complete the employer program verification form if the committee member represents a company that may hire graduates.
    • Review job placement and follow-up information at least annually to improve program effectiveness and program outcomes.

    A unique strength of Charlotte Technical College is the close working relationships the school has with area employers. This allows CTC to deliver exactly what industry professionals are looking for in new employees. These partnerships allow CTC to meet the ever-changing need for workforce training in new and emerging industries. Please contact the school at 941-255-7500. If you are interested in becoming a part of an advisory board in support of the college.



    Paul Marcuzzo, Co-Chair 

    Chris McDaniel 

    Anthony, Antuono 

    Bob Peterson 

    Donna Barrett 

    Keith Reester 

    Holly Burnett 

    Bob Segur, School Board Representative 

    Lois Croft 

    Robin Roleson 

    Laurie, Farlow 

    Jill Swan 

    Ashley Maher 

    Kay Tracy 


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