Crossroads is an environmentally based Charter school in Northeast Charlotte County serving difficult to place foster boys. The campus is over 20 acres and offers an array of activities for youth in residence. Established in 1986, the program has functioned under DJJ residential criteria and has served thousands of youth. The new therapeutic group-home structure incorporates the best characteristics from the previous model and allows for enhanced developmental experiences for at risk foster boys between 12 and 17 years of age. Optimal length of stay is until the student "ages out" of foster care.

Our youth profile is described as boys who have been difficult to place due to behavior and/or legal charges. They may also have been run-aways from their foster placements or they may have had multiple previous placements including school placements. These kids also have academically challenged levels as well as therapeutic needs which have contributed to their struggles.

The program facilitated by Crossroads incorporates Behavioral Health Overlay Services (BHOS), behavior modification, and vocational training (construction, culinary, aquatics, and basic automotive maintenance). In addition, this charter school provides individualized academic support and education on site allowing for remediation and credit enhancement. The average youth profile reflects, over a program stay of 6-9 months, an average grade level increase in reading of 1.5 years, and an average grade level increase in math of 2.5 years primarily due to the reduced class sizes and enhanced need responsive education environment provided by the program.

Crossroads also provides Skills Streaming, Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART), and social skills training through community service, speaking engagements, and community dinners both at Crossroads and at various locations within the community.

As the first collegiate high school in Southwest Florida and the state's only collegiate high school to incorporate ninth graders when it opened its doors in August of 2009, Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School is located on the Charlotte Campus of Florida SouthWestern State College. FSWC-Charlotte is designed to provide students of all ability levels an opportunity to graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. FSWC-Charlotte students enjoy a college environment along with a vast array of resources provided by FSW while also maintaining the traditional elements of high school life.

Babcock Neighborhood School Charter Application

Babcock Neighborhood School (BNS) is a free public charter school open to all students in kindergarten through grade eight who qualify to attend a public school in Charlotte County. This includes out-of-district students who are allowed to request admission under Florida's open enrollment law.

Located in the heart of the world's first new town powered primarily by the sun, BNS offers a "place-based" environmentally focused "greenSTEAM" education program that integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics within a thoughtfully provided holistic learning environment. STEAM requires intentional connections among and between standards, assessments, and lesson design, while integrating related standards across disciplines - allowing students to demonstrate mastery of subjects.

By focusing on local landscape, history, culture and context, learning at BNS takes on specificity and moves from the abstract to the concrete, engaging students with an environment that encourages interactions with, and exploration of, the world around them.

The sustainability and conservation principles of Babcock Ranch provide opportunities for hands-on, project-based learning about nature, health and renewable energy with a STEAM focus.