Spanish I Syllabus

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    Course Description

    Spanish I is an introductory level class.  Prior knowledge of Spanish is not necessary.  However living in Florida I have found that some students may have had some exposure to the language and that is okay.  The class will focus on grammar basics, the development of vocabulary and practical application of the language.  Spanish I emphasizes on communicating primarily in the present tense with some projection of future.  Communicating in the target language as well as developing a Spanish ear will be reinforced daily and as skills and vocabulary develop writing and reading will be focused on as well.  Cultural similarities and differences will be discussed so as to develop and promote a cross-cultural understanding and respect.

    Course Prerequisites

    Open mindedness and a willingness to learn, other than that there are none

    Course Objectives

     My goal is for Spanish I students to develop a confidence in expressing themselves in the target language on selected topics like self, school, family just to identify a few and also to develop what I call a Spanish ear (comprehension of what they hear).

    Course Outline

    • The topics emphasized will include greetings, likes and dislikes, the calendar, weather, numbers, verb meanings, time, physical description, classroom objectives, school schedule, places, transportation, and family.
    • The Grammar Golden Rule - everything for the most part must agree in gender and number will be reinforced the entire school year as well as subject verb agreement.
    • An awareness of Spanish speaking countries, their capitals, geography, nationalities, culture and history will be developed continually during the year.



    Attendance in class is necessary for many students to excel.  The more actively a student is involved in class, the more practice they will have to comprehend the material and the more opportunity they will have to earn a stronger grade.  I would like to encourage students to attend class regularly.  If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to obtain and complete make-up work in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.  Refer to attendance and unexcused absences in the Code of Student Conduct for grading policy about make up work and unexcused absences. 



    Students are expected to be attentive and respectful to self, others and teacher during class.  School policies regarding behavior and discipline will be implemented.  The following is a list of A309 classroom rules:

    1. Students are to enter class in an appropriate fashion and be seated when the bell rings.
    2. Students are to have their supplies daily.
    3. Cell phones are not permitted in class without prior approval from teacher.
    4. No food or drinks (except water bottles) is allowed in class.



    Grades are based on a total point system.  Each assignment is designate a point value prior to being assigned and every project has a rubric which is discussed at the time it is assigned.  Categories are not weighted.    Grades are calculated from homework assignments, classwork, quizzes, tests and projects.  The computer simply adds up the total points the student has earned for the assignments turned in and divides that score by the total possible points the student could have earned to calculate the student’s grade.

    Homework is an effort grade.  Did the student complete the assignment as per directions and did the student turn the homework in on time?  Homework will be collected at the beginning of each class.  If a student cannot produce the assignment at that time, it will be counted as a zero.  Students attempting to complete their homework assignment at the beginning of class on the day it is due will receive and incomplete grade which equates to a zero.   I will gladly collect any assignment from a student for corrections however, if it is submitted late it will not receive credit.  Homework literally should take no more than 10 minutes providing that the student has an organized and an up to date notebook.  The CCPS Code of Student Conduct addresses student absences and make-up work policies.

    All tests are given prior notice so that the student will have an opportunity to plan and study for the information that will be contained on the test.  Most quizzes are also given prior notice, however, I do reserve the right to give pop quizzes.

    Projects are generally a writing assignment or a writing assignment/presentation.  The purpose of these projects are to reinforce and apply vocabulary and grammar learned.  In today’s technological society students are quite savvy with Google translate.  This is not acceptable.  Therefore, in the event that there is a verb tense, a vocabulary word or grammar structure that has not been covered in class, is not contained in the student notebook or textbook in chapters covered or has not been covered in previous years the student is not allowed to use it.  The student will be given a zero, however, the student will be able to come in after school to rewrite their assignment and turn it in for a grade.  However, there will be a 15% deduction in overall grade.    I have always told students if in doubt just ask.  If a student feels strongly about something that they wish to convey in their writing assignment but has not learned that word to date, teacher approval is sometimes granted.  Cheerleading is probably the number one word that the girls ask about.

    Extra Credit assignments are not offered to compensate for low grades.  However, extra credit points can be earned throughout the marking period.  I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunity as it arises.


    Students will be allowed to use the restroom during class however at a price.  They will be required to give up their cell phone for the duration of class.   Due to the fact that there will be no passes the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class students will not be able to drop their belongings off in the room and ask to go to the bathroom before the bell.  If they choose to do this and do not make it back to their seats before the bell rings they will be marked tardy.

    Any other passes to media, another classroom, office, etc. will be teacher discretion.