Intensive Reading

  • Syllabus

    Intensive Reading:

    The purpose of Intensive Reading is to inprove comprehension skills in order for students to be able to interact successfully with grade level texts.  Instruction emphasizes comprehension, vocabulary development, writing in response to texts, close reading, and reading strategies through a wide range of text structures including informational texts, fiction, poetry, short stories and novels.


    The course includes, but is not limited to:

    -determining central idea

    -summarizing key ideas

    -interpreting words and phrases as they are used in text

    -analyzing structure

    -evaluating content

    -analyzing content presented in diverse formats

    -writing in response to reading


    Grading Scale:

    30% Tests

    20% Quizzes

    20% Classwork

    20% Projects

    10% Homework




    looseleaf paper

    pens, pencils, highlighters 

    MASK (Mandatory)

    Hand Sanitizer - optional



    Students are expected to arrive in class on time, to focus on work, be attentive during lessons, and complete all work assigned.  Please adhere to the stipulations put forth in the CCPS Code of Conduct.



    vary as needed

    Novels include: The Peaarl by John Steinbeck

                           The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway