3rd Quarter Notebook

    Table of Contents (Jan. 8th - March 13th)


    Pg. 1:  Darwin Notes and evolution (handwritten)

    Pg. 2:  Map of Darwins's Journey (hot pink)

    Pg. 3: Ecology: Abiotic vs. Biotic notes (handwritten)

    Pg. 4: Ecosystem Video: Freshwater and Grasslands (list biotic and abiotic factors)

    Pg. 5: Ecosystem Video: Tundra and Forest (list biotic and abiotic factors)

    Pg. 6: Notes - Energy transfer (hand written) Food chain/web
















    2nd quarter

    Notebook Check


    Pg. 1 Mitosis Notes - handwritten

    Pg. 2 Mitosis Notes Worksheet - fill in the blanks

    Pg. 3 Mitosis color each step worksheet

    Pg. 4 Meiosis notes  - handwritten/venn diagram

    Pg. 5 Mitosis and Meiosis review study guide packet

    QUIZ MONDAY, OCTOBER 28th - open notebook


    Pg. 6 Asexual and Sexual reproduction notes and venn diagram

    Pg. 7 T-Chart on sexual and asexual reproduction plus Venn

    Pg. 8 Types of asexual reproduction worksheet: label and color

    Pg. 9 Heredity notes (13 vocabulary words)

    Pg. 10 Pumpkin Babies

    Pg. 11 Turkey babies

    Pg. 12 Dragon baby chart with traits

    Pg. 13 Punnett Square notes

    Pg. 14 Punnett square practice with animals (seals, purple people eaters)

    Pg. 15 SpongeBob genetics

    Pg. 16 SpongeBob genetics #2

    Pg. 17 SpongeBob geneics QUIZ practice

    Pg. 18 Holiday genetics with punnett squares

    Did a whole review sheet packet that I collected and graded!  

    QUIZ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22 OVER PAGES # 9 through #18

    Pg. 19 DNA Timeline and bubble

    Pg. 20 DNA voca. & notes

    Pg. 21 DNA color sheet

    Pg. 22 Classification notes


    Exams begin December 17th
















    1st quarter 

    Notebook Check


    Pg. 1 Measure Me activity - measure, draw, and color and complete both sides

    Pg. 2 Science Lab Equipment - draw and color 12 different lab pieces along with their definitions.

    Pg. 3 Scavenger Hunt worksheet throught the textbook - questions #1-44

    Pg. 4 Scientific Method Notes

    Pg. 5 Microscope parts and lab equipment.  Label and color both sides!

    Pg. 6 Independent and dependent variables 20 problems

    Pg. 7 NOTES:  Characteristics of life along with 7 questions

    Pg. 8 Worksheet - characteristics of life reinforcement

    Pg. 9 Cell theory Notes

    Pg. 10 Venn diagram: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic

    Pg. 11 Organelle Chart

    Pg. 12 Organelle cut and paste interactive notebook

    Pg. 13 Animal and plant color sheet

    Pg. 14 Osmosis and diffusion notes

    Pg. 15 Osmosis and diffusion questions worksheet

    Pg. 16 Osmosis, diffusion, active transport, passive transport foldable

    Pg. 17 Cellular respiration and photosynthesis color sheet pg. 313

















    Table of Contents

    Second Marking Period


    Pg. 1 Intro. to mitosis notes - hand written notes

    Pg. 2 Cell cycle worksheet: draw and color, and write notes

    Pg. 3 Mitosis fill in the blank worksheet

    Pg. 4 Meiosis notes - hand written

    Pg. 5 Questions over mitosis worksheet, need textbook to help answer the questions - we did this after the quiz.

    Pg. 6 Asexual vs. sexual reproduction notes - hand written

    Pg. 7 The plant worksheet - color and label

    Pg. 8 Types of asexual reproduction - label and color

    Pg. 9 Genetics and Heredity notes

    Pg. 10 Pumpkin Babies

    Pg. 11 Dragon baby chart

    Pg. 12 Punnett Square Notes - hand written

    Pg. 13 Turkey baby trait chart

    Pg. 14 Punnett Square Practice Sheet

    Pg. 15 SpongeBob genetics

    Pg. 16 SpongeBob genetics #2

    Pg. 17 LAST punnett square review - SPongeBob quiz

    Pg. 18 DNA notes - hand written

    Pg. 19 Colored DNA timeline & lollipop bubble









    Table of Contents

    First Marking Period


    Pg. 1 Class supplies/syllabus

    Pg. 2 Lab safety letter signed

    Pg. 3 SpongeBob lab safety & what not to do in a lab

    Pg. 4 Measure me activity and measure lines - color it!

    Pg. 5 Lab equipment drawings & information

    Pg. 6 Textbook scavenger hunt

    Pg. 7 Scientific Method Notes

    Pg. 8 Microscope parts labeled and colored.  Plus lab parts.

    Pg. 9 Living things - notes, vocabulary & questions

    Pg. 10 Cell Notes

    Pg. 11 Unicellular vs. multicellular chart & venn diagram

    Pg. 12 Prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic bubble map

    Pg. 13 Organelle chart

    Pg. 14 Animal & plant cell color drawings

    Pg. 15 Organelle review sheet (after the test - only if you got lower than a B)

    Pg. 16 Cellular organization notes

    Pg. 17 Osmosis and diffusion notes

    Pg. 18 Drawings, pictures, definitions of cellular respiration and photosynthesis

    Pg. 19 Pictures colored and labeled all about cellular respiration & photosynthesis