• Course Syllabus Chinese



    Ms. Wang 

    Email : liang.wang@yourcharlotteschools.net


    Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire proficiency in Chinese through a linguistic, communicative, and cultural approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and on acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar. Cross-cultural understanding is fostered and real-life applications are emphasized throughout the course.


    Course Objectives

    Students in Chinese  course will demonstrate the ability to communicate in Chinese in a variety of ways.  The students will be able to communicate verbally (speaking and listening), and they shall also be able to read and write Chinese at a reasonable level.


    Course Outline

    Each 9 week period will contain its own grade.  This means that with a new 9 week grading period, everyone starts with a clean slate.  This way, if a student does not earn the desired grade in one particular grading period, he or she can start fresh with the next marking without the prior grade affecting the new grading period’s progress.  Semester exams will be administered at the end of the 1st and  2nd semesters based on material from each of those semesters.



    *Chinese Link 中文天地, ,     http://wps.prenhall.com/wl_wu_chineselink_1/

    *Integrated Chinese 中文聽說讀寫, http://www.language.berkeley.edu/ic/gb/toc.html


    Policies and Procedures

    The tardy policy of Charlotte High School will be enforced, as well as all elements of the CCPS Code of Student Conduct.  Electronic devices will not be permitted to be used in class unless given specific permission by the teacher.  If it is determined that an electronic device is being used inappropriately, the device will be confiscated and turned in to the appropriate grade level dean. 



    • Grades will be calculated on a total point basis. I do not weight categories.
    • Your student’s grade will consist of tests, quizzes, oral tests, dictations, class work, group assignments, presentations, and participation.
    • In the event of student absence, the district policy on making up work will be followed.
    • Students will be given a user name and password from the school that will assist the student in tracking his or her exact grade in this class at all times. Also, students and parents both are encouraged to access grades on the FOCUS online program to monitor student progress at all times.


    1. The course will use the Charlotte County School District Standard Grading Scale:


    90-100% A ; 80-89% B ; 70-79% C ; 60-69%  D; 0-59% F


    1. The course is divided up into four (4) nine (9) Week Grading Periods.


    1. Grades will be determined from a breakdown of the following criteria

    Classwork and homework

    Group Activities

    Test and Quizzes



    1. Class Participation involves attendance and student investment in learning.