• Course Syllabus - English – Grade 10

    Charlotte High School 2020-2021

    Mr. Kaluzavich

    Room B 110

    School Phone # (941) 575-5450 EXT 1200

    E-mail: Michael.kaluzavich@yourcharlotteschools.net

    To be successful in life, students must be adequately prepared and able to communicate effectively with others in the English language. The curriculum for English is designed to continue students’ exposure to a variety of literary texts with adequate understanding, and to refine grammar skills and improve writing skills throughout the writing process. We also prepare the students to take the state mandated writing test and achievement tests. This course is a combination of the Reading and English classes in an effort to increase students’ understanding of the reading/writing processes. This year long course will be forty five minutes per day.


    Textbooks, Notebooks, and Composition Book:


    Because each student will be provided with a textbook they are responsible to bring their book to class on a daily basis. In addition each student should come prepared to class each day with a notebook for English class and/or a Composition book. It is imperative that you show up to class prepared.


    Course Outline

    Reading Strategies

    Reading Process

    A variety of fiction and non-fiction literature

    Poetry and Elements of Poetry

    Various Novels


    Correct use of mechanics, conventions and grammar


    Literary Terms

    Vocabulary Development

    Effective sentence development

    Journal writing

    Technology and Research Skills

    “FSA Standards Writing”

    • Expository/Informational
    • Descriptive Writing
    • Narrative Writing
    • Argumentative/Persuasive Writing
    • Rubric Assessments and Peer Editing

    Various Theme Projects

    Collaborative group work and discussions

    AVID strategies

    Effective Communication Skills (i.e. Listening, Speaking and Viewing)


    A classroom agenda will be posted on the white board on a daily basis. The students can keep a written log in their notebook, binder or calendar of assignments, homework, due dates, testing dates, or other information given by their teacher. Each student will be held accountable for keeping this information updated. Parents are encouraged to review their child’s log of the daily agenda.


    Grading Procedure:

    CHS students will be graded based on daily work, homework, quizzes and tests. Each category will be factored out of a score of 100.


    Missing Work:

    Students will have 2 days from their return of absence to hand in completed work on missing assignments. Each day late beyond that is 10 points off each assignment per day. All long term projects are due the date the absent student returns to school.


    High School Grading Guidelines 2019-2020:

    Grades should represent the level of mastery of an instructional objective.

    The objectives address the skills required to successful performance in the next grade or in a sequence of courses.

    Assignments, tests, projects, classroom activities, homework and other activities are designed to allow a student’s performance to indicate the level of mastery of the designated objective.


    Grading Scale – Letter Grade Numerical Grade:

    A 90-100 Excellent progress

    B 80-89 Good progress

    C 70-79 Satisfactory/Average progress

    D 60-69 Minimal progress

    F Below 59 Unsatisfactory progress



    Grades will be updated every 2 weeks, and grades are immediately viewable to parents the moment they are entered. It is the parents/guardians and students responsibility to check “Focus” to view grades.

    Parents are encouraged to contact me if a student’s average falls below 65.


    Report Cards:

    Report Cards are sent home at the end of each grading period. If a parent/guardian has a question about a student’s grade, please contact me by telephone or email. A parent conference may be arranged, if necessary.



    Cheating shall be defined as giving or receiving information on a test or submitting duplicate work for outside assignments. Using technology (e.g. computer, Internet, cell phone, PDA, smart watch or calculator) to cheat or copy the work of another is prohibited. The penalty for a student found guilty of cheating is a grade of zero for the test or assignment. Plagiarism consists of using another person’s ideas or writing as one’s own. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and the penalty shall be a zero on the assignment. Students caught cheating may be referred to their respective assistant principal for disciplinary action.



    Student Expectations:          

    In addition to all rules and regulations outlined in the student handbook and student code of conduct, I wish to add the following.

    • Display common courtesy to your classmates, yourself, and me.
    • Students are not to make derogatory or negative comments about any other teacher or student.
    • Bring all needed supplies to school every day.
    • Stay in your desk at the end of class until I dismiss you.
    • Clean up around your desk and return thing to their correct place in the room before we dismiss.


    Starter Time:

    In order for class to run smoothly, and for all students to be focused, there will be time at the beginning of class referred to as “starter time.” During this time, students are expected to do the warm-up or begin silent reading. Students should not use starter time to use the restroom, or ask to leave the room for any other reason.

    Students will understand that learning is an Active process. They will participate in class discussions, and group work. Students will attempt not to simply memorize but to learn and to understand material presented to them; they will understand that education is vital to the rest of their lives. If a student fails to comply with the above expectations, or breaks any school rule as outlined in the student handbook, they will be subject to disciplinary action.


    I look forward to spending a wonderful 10th grade year with you. Thank you



     Supply List

    • A tablet or notebook for English
    • A package of college ruled lined paper
    • A package of #2 pencils
    • A package of pencil cap erasers
    • 2 highlighters
    • A pack of blue or black pens
    • A Facial Mask




    Consumables should be checked every 9 weeks to see if they need replenishing. Class donations of tissues are always appreciated. Thank you.