• August 9, 2019  UPDATED


    I am Mrs. Walsh, and I teach Language Arts for grade six only.. My expectations are very high for every class. I also want you to be live up to our school motto, SOAR, and do the right thing in any circumstances. All PGMS rules apply here, and all behaviour issues will be dealt with according to PGMS rules.The Code of Conduct is the standard for everything here at PGMS.

    All students have a one inch binder. For Language Arts, five dividers are needed. We will be doing some projects, writing and document based questions. Informative reading and writing is very important in both classes. We look to the State (FDOE) website for guidance with grading writing and writing work.

    The content for Language Arts is based on learning to improve reading and writing skills, to move writing skills from elementary to middle school standards and to ensure all students udnerstand the fundementals of Language Arts, including grammar, literature, writing, vocabulary and how to use learning goals


    My writing grading system is based on the State mode: essays and written work are graded to a 10, 4 points for Purpose, Focus and Organization, 4 points for Evidence and Elaboration, and 2 points for Conventions. For a deeper explnation of this grading system, I suggest you visit the Florida DOE website. Other work is graded to 100. Late work will be accepted, I will look into circumstances when warrented for cases of absenteeism and problems. I will decided how much credit is given depending on the personal case. 

     Papers and projects with no name will be docked ten points until September, then ten points per month after that. Papers with drawings all over them that distract will be docked ten points, as will papers written in colors other than blue and black unless noted. 

    I can be reached by email via the school website, or on the school phone at 575 5485 extension 232. Often I can not come to the phone as I am actively working in the classroom, but leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

     We use a book called Collections in Language Arts, which we use for many short stories and grammar lessons. We are also to learn writing argumentative and informative essays, of which one of each is required by February. The district requires two class novels, and we are starting off with a book from Finland, Comet in Moominland. It fits in with our themes that the textbook outlines. We will be reading and writing: short stories, poems and essays, this is spread out through the year. 

    The goal of the school is to prepare students in the very best way we can. My best intentions are to have them learn to have a variety of experiences in the world, and hope they succeed to their own individual abilities. 


    Mrs. Walsh