Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mathieu Galley


This year we are going to dive into history, but this will not be a journey of just memorizing a lot of names and dates. History is so much more than that! The goal of this class is for you to look at history from the perspective of understanding human nature and why we do the things we do in the world. Learning history will allow you to foresee potential consquences of modern day events. 

Remind login: Text @dg697k to 81010

Policies and Procedures 

  1. Enter quietly.
  2. Put cell phone away in a backpack or phone bin.
  3. Store your backpacks underneath your desk for the duration of the class period.
  4. Go directly to your assigned seat with a writing utensil, planner, and daily materials.
  5. Begin copying down “weekly words of wisdom” or any other “do now” assigned at the beginning of class.
  6. At the end of class, return your book to the shelf if used, check your area, and throw away papers/trash.
  7. Push your chair under the desk & check for writing on the desktop.
  8. Only ask to use the restroom during transition times in class or during independent work. DO NOT INTERUPT A LECTURE!
  9. Do not get out of your seat to throw something away during a lecture or discussion.
  10. Class grading policies are found on the syllabus.

Coach Galley received his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State University and received his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.

Coach Galley is the head Girls Weightlifting Coach at Charlotte High.

  • Students will need the folloiwng supplies for our World History class:

    3 Ring Binder(1") or more with Dividers

    300 pack of lined index cards

    Looseleaf Paper

    Colored Pencils

    Personal Hand sanitizer


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