• Past and Present Leaders


    Judy Bohlander, Principal 1998-2002

    Kathy Bertani, Assitant Principal


    Nancy Craw, Principal 2002-2006

    Kathy Bertani, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Davis reading on the roof as a reward for students.

    Lori Davis, Principal 2006-2012

    Jennifer Kahler, Assistant Principal (1 year)

    Ron Rogala, Assistant Principal (3 years)

    Dave Quakenbush, Assistant Principal (1 year)

    Mr. Rogala playing kickball with students.

    Ron Rogala, Principal 2012-2017

    Carole Johnston, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Johnston rewarding students with silly string for LiveSchool.

    Carole Johnston, Principal 2017-2020

    Natasha Moradian, Assistant Principal


     Mrs. Kelch, Principal

    Kristina Kelch, Principal 2020-Present

    Melody Hazeltine, Assistant Principal