Employee Assistance Program

    1. In California, sessions are limited to three (3) in a six-month period, not to exceed a total of five (5) sessions per year.
    2. Covered individuals are eligible for a combined total of five (5) face-to-face sessions with BDA clinicians. Individual face-to-face sessions are available for covered individuals 16 years and older. Family/group face-to-face sessions are available for covered individuals 12 years and older, and their parents. Face-to-face sessions are not available to children under the age of 12.
    3. Covered individuals with complex and/or longer-term problems will be referred by your BDA clinician to another professionally trained clinician. This referral will be billed to your health insurance plan or a community provider and does not count toward your five (5) grief and/or legal sessions.


  • Assistance from attorneys:

    • Free 30-minute telephonic or face-to-face session
    • Up to 25% employee discount on additional services

     Assistance With:

    • Document preparation
    • Divorce and separation
    • Real estate
    • Civil matters


  • Assistance from work life specialists:

    • Free telephonic session
    • Online access to information and provider locators

     Assistance with:

    • Child care
    • Elder care
    • Adoption
    • Education


  • Face-to-face sessions 1,2,3

    Telephonic assistance

    • Available 24/7
    • Marital and family
    • Personal
    • Alcohol and drug abuse
    • Stress and anger
    • Death and dying

     Also available

    • Telephonic employer advice
    • Online access to information


  • Toll-free information line:

    • Credit
    • Debt
    • Request educational material

     Financial advice sessions:

    • One free telephonic session and financial worksheet review