• Green people holding hands in a ring. Volunteers are a very important part of a successful school district. Listed below are several, but not all, ways in which Volunteers can be of service in order to help our students, teachers, and schools:

    • Reading to and listening to student read
    • Working on Math problems with a student
    • Chaperone programs, field trips, school activities both during the school day and sometimes in the evening
    • Help decorate the classroom for various themes, seasons and holidays
    • Volunteer in the Media Center
    • Help with Physical Education activities, Music and Art classes
    • Assist in the front office

    We believe strongly that community and family should be an active part of the education experience.

    We also believe in protecting the safety of our students. Therefore, all individuals who are interested in volunteering should go to the school site at which they would like to volunteer and complete the volunteer application. On submission of an application, the applicant's name and personal information is checked against the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators' database to verify that individual is not convicted of a sexually related offense before being assigned to a volunteer position.

  • Download the Volunteer Application

    If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about volunteering,  please contact:


    941-255-0808 ext. 2156