• Green people holding hands in a ring. Volunteers are a very important part of a successful school district. Listed below are several, but not all, ways in which Volunteers can be of service in order to help our students, teachers, and schools:

    • Reading to and listening to students read
    • Working on Math problems with a student
    • Chaperone programs, field trips, school activities both during the school day and sometimes in the evening
    • Help decorate the classroom for various themes, seasons and holidays
    • Volunteer in the Media Center
    • Help with Physical Education activities, Music and Art classes
    • Assist in the front office

    We believe strongly that community and family should be an active part of the education experience.

    We also believe in protecting the safety of our students. Therefore, all individuals who are interested in volunteering should go to the school site at which they would like to volunteer and complete the volunteer application. On submission of an application, the applicant's name and personal information is checked against the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators' database to verify that individual is not convicted of a sexually related offense before being assigned to a volunteer position.

    There are 2 types of volunteers- Level 1 and Level 2.


    What is a Level 1 Volunteer?

    Level 1 Volunteer status is for non-employees that will be around students with a CCPS employee present at all times. Examples are a guest speaker, a dance chaperone, or helping at the school carnival. .  If you would like to volunteer at a CCPS school, fill out the application below and drop it off at the school/s you would like to volunteer:   https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/cms/lib/FL02211872/Centricity/Domain/45/VolunteerApplication.pd 


    What is Level 2 Volunteer?

    Level 2 Volunteer status is for non-employees that will be alone with students while not under the direct supervision of a CCPS employee. Examples are a fieldtrip chaperone, overnight sporting trip, or a volunteer coach. These employees need to be fingerprinted and pass a background check. 


    What is the process to become a Level 2 Volunteer?

    1.     Potential Volunteers will talk with schools Fieldtrip Coordinator or the students Teacher about signing up as a Volunteer for the fieldtrip they are interested in attending

    2.     Apply as a Volunteer on the district website

    www.Yourcharlotteschools.net > Job opportunities > Click here to view all open positions > Search “Volunteer” > Apply

    3.     Fill out the application making sure to add their child’s school if applicable, and adding the name of who they spoke with at the school

    4.     HR will receive the application and review, then reach out to the school reference the Volunteer listed in their application

    5.     Once HR receives confirmation from the reference that they are approved, the Volunteer will be hired and sent information on how to schedule their Fingerprinting/Background check and how to access their new TalentEd Records account to complete their onboarding tasks. (Digital onboarding paperwork and Vector training.)

    6.     Once Fingerprints are received and approved, Vector training is finished, and all paperwork is signed and complete, HR will set up an appointment for the Volunteer to come to the County Office to have their badge made.

    7.     After this is done the volunteer is ready and will be active for 5 years. 



    ·       How long does this process take? 1 - 3 weeks on average.

    ·       Is this required, I didn’t have to do this in (Blank) county? Yes, the state of Florida made this mandatory for all schools.

    ·       How much is the background check? It varies by Fingerprint location but falls between $65 - $95.

    ·       Should I be a Level 1 or Level 2 Volunteer? If you will be alone with students at any time you must be a Level 2.

    ·       I have students at multiple schools, do I need to do this for each school? No, the Volunteer process qualifies you for every school in Charlotte County for 5 years.

    ·       I completed the Volunteer process and paid my fingerprinting fee, that means I am guaranteed to go on all fieldtrips right? No, by completing this process you are being added to the CCPS Level 2 Volunteer Pool. It is the discretion of each school who they select as a Volunteer for each fieldtrip.

    ·       Do I need fingerprints if… See below.


    I am a (Blank), do I still need to apply and get a background check / Fingerprinting?

    ·       Teacher/Employee at another school in Charlotte County – No, CCPS employees do not need to apply as a Volunteer.

    ·       Substitute Teacher/Para/Food Service/ECT – No, active CCPS Substitutes are not required to apply as a Volunteer

    ·       Contractor with a Florida JLA Badge – No, Contractors who have the blue JLA badge from the state of Florida do not need to get fingerprinted, But they are required to apply still. They will need to state in their application they are a Contractor with this badge.

    ·       Teacher/employee for another school district – Yes, you must get fingerprints. We do not have access to any other fingerprint data base other than CCPS.

    ·       Military / Service member - Yes, you must get fingerprints. We do not have access to any other fingerprint data base other than CCPS.

    ·       Police officer / Sheriff’s office employee – Yes, you must get fingerprints. We do not have access to any other fingerprint data base other than CCPS.

    ·        Nurse/Doctor/Ect with AHCA fingerprints - Yes, you must get fingerprints. We do not have access to any other fingerprint data base other than CCPS.

    ·       Anyone else who is not, a CCPS Employee, CCPS Substitute, or a Contractor with a blue FL JLA badge - Yes, you must get fingerprints. We do not have access to any other fingerprint data base other than CCPS.


    Questions? Reach out to the Communications Department at Communications@yourcharlotteschools.net or by calling 941-255-0808 ext 6.