Registration Forms

  • If you are looking for a form that is not here, please contact Kelli Christiansen in School Support at 941-255-0808 ext 3073.

Appendix Form Spanish Version French Version
Free and Reduced Lunch Application
01 What to Bring for Registration. (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
02 Registration Checklist (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
03 Foreign Exchange Student Registration Checklist (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
04 Student Registration Form PK-Adult (SSN Disclosure Notice) (En Espa�ol)
05 Registration Disclosure Form (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
06 Address Verification Affidavit
06a Address Verification Affidavit (Sarasota) (En Espa�ol)
10 Emergency Card
11 Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Consent Form (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
12 Student Records Request
13 Limited Power of Attorney (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
14 Acceptance of Limited Power of Attorney Educational Guardianship Affidavit (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
15 Incomplete Registration Reminder Letter (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
16 Out-of-County Reassignment Application (En Espa�ol) (En fran�ais)
16a In-County Reassignment Application (En Espa�ol)
17 Affidavit of Non-Permanent/Regular Residential Status (En Espa�ol)
18 Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit (En Espa�ol)
19 Permission for Release/Exchange of Student Records
20 Head Start/Early Head Start Partnership Agreement (En Espa�ol)
21 Head Start/Early Head Start Health Letter (En Espa�ol)
22 Head Start/Early Head Start Family Assessment (En Espa�ol)
23 Elementary School In-County Withdrawal Checklist (En Espa�ol)
24 Elementary School Withdrawal Form (Available on FOCUS) (En Espa�ol)
25 Middle School/High School Withdrawal Form (Available on FOCUS) (En Espa�ol)
26 Exit Interview Process
27 Academy Retrieval Form (En Espa�ol)
28 Absence Letter (En Espa�ol)
29 Exit Interview Student Survey (En Espa�ol)
30 Notice of Placement/Transportation Denial
31 Instructions for Written Notification of Placement/Transportation Denial
32 Dispute Resolution Appeal Form
33 Bus Pass (Available on web) (En Espa�ol)
34 School Registration Information for Children Under DCF Care (En Espa�ol)
35 McKinney-Vento School Placement
Documentation for Change in Schools Without Student Record