Registration Forms

  • If you are looking for a form that is not here, please contact Kelli Christiansen in School Support.

Appendix Form Spanish Version French Version
Free and Reduced Lunch Application
01 What to Bring for Registration. (En Español) (En français)
02 Registration Checklist (En Español) (En français)
03 Foreign Exchange Student Registration Checklist (En Español) (En français)
04 Student Registration Form PK-Adult (SSN Disclosure Notice) (En Español)
05 Registration Disclosure Form (En Español) (En français)
06 Address Verification Affidavit
06a Address Verification Affidavit (Sarasota) (En Español)
10 Emergency Card
11 Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Consent Form
12 Student Records Request
13 Limited Power of Attorney (En Español) (En français)
14 Acceptance of Limited Power of Attorney Educational Guardianship Affidavit (En Español) (En français)
15 Incomplete Registration Reminder Letter (En Español) (En français)
17 Affidavit of Non-Permanent/Regular Residential Status (En Español)
18 Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit (En Español)
19 Permission for Release/Exchange of Student Records
20 Head Start/Early Head Start Partnership Agreement (En Español)
21 Head Start/Early Head Start Health Letter (En Español)
22 Head Start/Early Head Start Family Assessment (En Español)
23 Elementary School In-County Withdrawal Checklist (En Español)
24 Elementary School Withdrawal Form (Available on FOCUS) (En Español)
25 Middle School/High School Withdrawal Form (Available on FOCUS) (En Español)
28 Absence Letter (En Español)
29 Exit Interview Student Survey
30 Notice of Placement/Transportation Denial
31 Instructions for Written Notification of Placement/Transportation Denial
32 Dispute Resolution Appeal Form
33 Bus Pass (Available on web) (En Español)
Documentation for Change in Schools Without Student Record
16 A In County Reassignment Application
16 OUT-OF-COUNTY Reassignment Application