• Calling All Volunteers

    Let’s make it another great year at Sallie Jones Elementary! We would like to invite all our wonderful parents and caregivers to commit your hearts & hands to our school. We welcome you to consider how best you can serve our children, through your time, your talents, or your treasures. SJE has many opportunities that await your involvement!

    ​Please complete one volunteer pledge form for each parent/guardian in your family to let us know how you would like to help.

    Able to volunteer your Time?

    ​We are a “2 Hour Power” school! Take the 2 Hour Pledge for the school year, and you’re done! Really!

    Able to volunteer your Talents?

    ​Do you have a unique talent or skill you’d like to share, or access to a unique resource that might be a great fi­t for the school? Do you like to sew, bake, or get crafty? Do you have a company gift-matching program, or a pickup truck perfect for deliveries? Tell us about it!

    Able to volunteer your Treasures?

    If your time is in short supply, we get it. There are other ways to help! Donate gently used or new uniforms to our uniform closet, pledge a monetary gift to the school, sponsor an event, donate food, supplies, prizes or goods, etc. We welcome sponsorship from local businesses and are always happy to give credit where credit is due! If you would like to pledge a monetary gift to the school, or if you want to know more about business and corporate sponsorship opportunities, please let us know!