Alternative Education

  • For more information contact:
    DeShon Jenkins, Academy Principal

Teen Parent

  • Eligibility: Pregnant & Parenting Teens
    Grades: Variable


    Healthy Outcomes in Pregnancy & Education

     This program offers Comprehensive academic curriculum alternatives, childcare, parenting education, health & social services and enabling techniques through counseling to insure a secure future for student and child.

    Located at: The Academy


  • Eligibility: Infractions of the Code of Student Conduct including recommendations for Expulsion or Multiple Suspensions.


    Suspension/Expulsion Alternative

    Grades: 6-12

    Provides a highly structured environment that assists students with chronic and severe behavioral problems. It offers academics, behavior modification and social skills training.

    Located at: The Academy

    Afternoon Alternative Program

    Grades: 6-12

    Offers a highly structured temporary educational placement for students who commit felony offenses. This program operates from 2:30-5:30 PM.

    Located at: The Academy

    Services include core academic coursework and behavioral modification.

Substance Abuse

  • Eligibility: Possession of Alcohol, Drugs or Paraphernalia
    Grades: 6-12


    Student Outreach Services

    Provides targeted at-risk students with individual and/or group substance abuse counseling, drug testing, and related services with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care therapists. These services are provided at every middle and high school.

Educational Services

  • Eligibility: Potential or retrieved dropouts and students who are over age for grade and failing.
    Grades: 6-12


    Student Assistance Teams

    Professional teams review at-risk student needs, share pertinent information, and develop intervention strategies.

    The Academy at CTC

    An alternative high school, providing a unique learning atmosphere for student success. The Academy also offers the Career Quest Program, which combines flexible schedules, internships, on-the-job training and a computer-based curriculum at the Town Center Mall.

    Project PASS
    Pathways to Achieve Student Success

    A one year intensive academic program to assist middle school students to get caught up and transition to high school.