School Library Resources

  • Upon written request, an individual will be provided access to material or books specified in the written request that are maintained in a district library if such material or books are available for review. The school principal shall arrange for a convenient time to provide such access.

    School Library Resource Catalog

    Parents of students attending a public school in the District or residents, within the meaning of Florida law, of Charlotte County (Petitioners) may object to the use of specific instructional material. The petitioner shall first discuss his/her concerns about instructional materials with the principal or designee of the school. If the discussions with the principal or designee do not resolve the petitioner's concerns, any objections shall be presented in writing on the District's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials form.

    Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

Lost or Damaged Instructional Materials

  • Per School Board Policy and Senate Bill 1248:
    Students shall be held responsible for, and the school principal shall collect from each student or the student's parent, the purchase price of any instructional material the student has lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged. Failure to provide payment for the damage or loss may result in the suspension of the student from participation in extra-curricular activities, or the debt may be satisfied by the student performing community service activities at the school site as determined by the school principal.