Google Classroom for E-Learning for Band

  • To get to Google Classroom:

    1) Go to LAMS Homepage here.

    2) click on blue coud "Classlink" icon below the banner and above the news section.

    3) Enter your ID and password that is used at school.

    4) Find or search for the Google Classroom icon (It's in the Google Folder) and click on it.

    5) You many need to sign in again.

    6) Join a class by clicking the "+" symbol in the upper right corner.

    7) Copy and paste the following codes into the Join Class prompt depending on which class(es) you are in.


    Beginning Band Period 2: garj5sc

    Beginning Band Period 6: nsmlnpk

    Beginning Band Period 7: equ7za3

    Intermediate Band Period 3: lgjqn6f

    Advanced Band Period 5: 7zit4r4

    Jazz Band Period 1: enqgdnb


  • Band is a performance-based class. Students have weekly goals that are aligned with standards. These goals are not always achieved in the performance process. As such, items in the lesson plans that are highlighted in yellow were achieved. These are updated daily. Therefore, if you are in the habit of checking daily, there will be less highlihted early in the week than later in the week. Agenda items in red print are performance pass-offs. Please see the band handbook regarding these on page four.