Textbook Adoptions

  • Charlotte County Public Schools is considering instructional materials for Career and Technical Education & World Languages for adoption in school year 2019-2020 and implementation in school year 2020-2021.

    • Instructional materials will be accessible for review online for at least twenty (20) calendar days prior to the open, publicly noticed meeting at which a public hearing will be held so that the Board can receive comment, if any, about the instructional material under consideration for adoption.
    • Parents of students attending a public school in the school District or residents, within the meaning of Florida law, of Charlotte County (Petitioners) may contest the Board's adoption of specific instructional materials. The petitioner must file a petition with the Board within thirty (30) calendar days after the Board's adoption of specific instructional materials.

    Petition for Objection to the Adoption of Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Under Consideration

Textbook Title Course Title Grade Publisher Author ISBN Additional Info

There are no records to display.

Lost or Damaged Instructional Materials

  • Per School Board Policy and Senate Bill 1248:
    Students shall be held responsible for, and the school principal shall collect from each student or the student's parent, the purchase price of any instructional material the student has lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged. Failure to provide payment for the damage or loss may result in the suspension of the student from participation in extra-curricular activities, or the debt may be satisfied by the student performing community service activities at the school site as determined by the school principal.