Plan for the Safe Return of In-Person Instruction and Instructional Continuity

K-12 Comprehensive Evidence-Based Reading Plan

Assessment Calendars & Statewide, Standardized Assessment Results

  • The results of statewide, standardized assessments in ELA and mathematics, science, and social studies, including assessment retakes, shall be reported in an easy-to-read and understandable format and delivered in time to provide useful, actionable information to students, parents, and each student’s current teacher of record and teacher of record for the subsequent school year.

    In accordance with s.1008.22, the right of the parent to review statewide, standardized assessment results is provided via the parent’s login to his/her account in FOCUS (student information system) and/or the Individual Student Score Reports published and distributed to school districts by the Florida Department of Education. Individual Score Report are four-page color reports. The report provides general information about the FSA program and the student’s FSA results, including the student’s scale score, performance level, previous performance, and reporting category scores. The report also indicates how the student’s performance compares to that of other students who took the same test in the same school, district, and the state, and provides a list of helpful resources. Parents may contact their child’s school principal for a copy of this report and for guidance on how to login to FOCUS. Parents wishing to review school-wide and district-wide statewide, standardized assessment results may also visit the “Know Your Schools” Data Portal.