Single / Sole Source Claims

No. Date of Recognition Letter Expiration Date Vendor Product Sole Source (Y/N) Alternate Vendor(s)
16/17-BB 5/9/2017 5/8/2022 Studies Weekly Florida Studies Weekly Publications and Supplemental Publications Y None
17/18-54MD(R2) 4/30/2018 4/29/2021 Daktronics, Inc. CE Credits: Web-based Professional Development Programs Y None
17/18-50MP(R2) 01/23/2020 01/22/2021 Peace River Distributing Sparkling Ice Y None
19/20-HH 12/13/2019 12/13/2020 Certiport Exam Delivery System Y None
19/20-GG 12/9/2019 12/9/2020 The First Tee The First Tee National School Program Y None
19/20-JJ 1/9/2020 1/9/2021 Cochlear Americas Cochlear and Baha Products Y None
19/20-II 12/20/2019 12/20/2020 Focus School Software Focus Attendance Software Y None
19/20-KK 01/14/2020 01/14/2021 Learning Labs Inc. SAVE Corporation 911 Simulators Y None
19/20-MM 02/04/2020 02/04/2021 Avotek Aviation Maintenance Training Y None
19/20-LL 02/04/2020 02/04/2021 Nida Corporation Nida Model 130ST Training Systems Y None
19/20-NN 02/20/2020 02/20/2021 Newco, Inc NDT Equipment Y None
2021-A 04/28/2020 04/28/2021 Discovery Education Discovery Education Experience Y None
2021-B 04/29/2020 04/29/2021 Follett School Solutions Destiny Software Suite Y None
20/21-D 6/4/2020 6/4/2021 Curriculum Associates Ready Common Core grades K & 1 Reading Teacher Support Package Y None
20/21-G 06/17/2020 06/17/2021 Cummins Power South Cummins Products Y None
20/21-I 06/24/2020 06/24/2021 TripSpark Technologies MapNet Y None
20/21-H 06/18/2020 06/18/2021 Automotive Development Group Rotary Lift Repair Services Y None
20/21-J July 8, 2020 July 8, 2021 Apperson Inc DataLink 1200 Test Scoring Solution Y None
20/21-L July 31, 2020 July 31, 2021 Committee for Children Education Materials for Early Learning through 8th Grade Y None
20/21-N July 31, 2020 July 31, 2021 Edmentum Reading Eggs Program Y None
20/21-M July 31, 2020 July 31, 2021 LiveSchool, Inc. LiveSchool school-wide behavior management and reporting platform Y None
20/21-K 08/07/2020 08/07/2021 Commercial Electrical Systems Siemens Products Y None
20/21-O 08/07/2020 08/07/2021 Perfection Learning Corporation Perfection Learning Catalog Y None
20/21-P 08/12/2020 08/12/2021 Top Score Writing, Inc. Writing Curriculum, Digital Curriculum and Writing Workbooks Y None
20/21-R 8/18/2020 8/18/2021 Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, LLC Krugman’s Economics for the AP Course (ISBN: 1319113273) Y None
19/20-OO 03/13/2020 03/13/2021 Algebra Nation Algebra Nation Workbooks Y None
19/20-QQ 06/01/2020 06/01/2021 Management Information Technology USA, Inc. ChildPlus Software Y None
20/21-E 06/08/2020 06/08/2021 MobyMax Education, LLC MobyMax Y None
20/21-F 06/16/2020 06/16/2021 F-Track Engineering, Inc. Trak Fuel Management System Y None
20/21-Q 9/9/2020 9/8/2021 NCS Pearson, Inc. Clinical and Classroom Assessment Catalogs Y None
20/21-V 09/18/2020 09/17/2021 D.C. Jaeger Corporation Amatrol Products Y None
20/21/-W 09/18/2020 09/17/2021 CodeMonkey Studios CodeMonkey Curriculum Y None
20/21-X 09/25/2020 09/24/2021 Certiport Exam Delivery System for Industry Certification Y None
20/21-Y 10/7/2020 10/6/2021 Realityworks RealCare Baby Y None
20/21-Z 10/19/2020 10/18/2021 Wolters Kluwer Lippincott DocuCare Y None
20/21-AA 10/19/2020 10/18/2021 Laerdal Medical vSim for Nursing Y None