Pending RFP, Bids & Quotes

  • It is the responsibility of the vendor to return to this site to check for Addendum daily during the time a bid that they are participating in is open. The Purchasing Department will only forward addendum to vendors after they have signed in, in the case of a mandatory pre bid meeting.

    Pre-Bid Meetings are held at the location noted in the Bid documents.

  • Need a car/van rental for school district business?  Transporting more than ten (10) students in any one vehicle is not recommended as per F.S. 1006.22.  Groups of 10 or more students should check with the Transportation Department first.  If ten (10) or less students, then click here.

Active Solicitations

Awarded Solicitations

No. Description Tabulation Other Documents
16/17-97MP(R1) Internet Access with DDoS Mitigation Ranking Award Letter
17/18-48MP(R5) Security Systems- Hardware, Installation, Service and Monitoring Renewal Letter
17/18-58GH Murdock County Office Telephone System Replacement Notice of Award Award Letter
18/19-85GH(R1) Print Management Ranking Award Letter Award Letter
18/19-89MP(R2) Architect Services Ranking Award Letters Renewal Letters
18/19-93GH Energy Savings Ranking Award Letter
18/19-96MP(R2) MEP Engineering Services Ranking Award Letters Renewal Letters
18/19-97MP(R2) Civil Engineering Services Ranking Award Letters Renewal Letters
18/19-98MP(R2) Geotechnical Engineering Services Ranking Award Letters Renewal Letters
19/20-01GH(R2) Fire Alarm Monitoring Award Letter Renewal Letter
19/20-09GH(R4) CTC Culinary Food, Services, Supplies Ranking Renewal (R4) Award Letters Award Letter
19/20-11GH VOIP Telephone System Ranking
19/20-14GH(R1) Interactive Panels Ranking Award Letter Renewal
19/20-18MP(R2) HCI Hardware and Software Award Letter Renewal Letter
19/20-19GH Lockdown Server Ranking
19/20-20MP(R2) Emergency Generators,Inspections and Service Ranking Renewal Award Letter
20/21-25MP(R1) Computers & Service Ranking Award Letter
20/21-41GH UPS for Network Switches Ranking Award Letter
20/21-42GH Core Switches-Routers Ranking Award Letter
20/21-44GH(R2) Web/URL Filtering Ranking Award Letter Renewal
20/21-617MP Single Stream Recycling Tabulation Award Letter
20/21-619GB(R2) Catalog Discount Tabulation Extension Award Renewal Letter
21/22-60MP Scoreboard Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs Ranking Award Letter
21/22-61GB(R2) Warewashing Chemicals Ranking Award Letter Renewal Letter Renewal Letter #2
21/22-622GB(R2) Charter Bus Service Tabulation R2 Renewal Letter R2
21/22-624MP Mulch and Installation Tabulation Award Letter
21/22-626GB(R1) Classroom and Office Furniture Award Letter Renewal Letter
21/22-628KS(R2) Paper Discount Bid Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter Renewal Letter (R2)
21/22-629KS (R1) Print Shop Supplies Tabulation Renewal Letter Award Letter
21/22-62GH BP&W (Bliss) Wholesale Produce Ranking Award Letter
21/22-64GB (R2) Bottled Water Champ’s Café Ranking Renewal Letter 2 Renewal Letter 1
21/22-68-1MP Electric Gate Openers, Service and Repair Ranking Award Letter
21/22-69GH CMAR Projects Under $4M Tabulation Award Letter Award Letter Award Letter Award Letter
21/22-73GB(R1) Carpentry Services Renewal
21/22-75MP(R1) Student Driver Education Program Renewal Letter
21/22-77GH (R2) ClearTouch Interactive Flat Panels Renewal Letter 2 Renewal Letter 1
2122-80GB2 GATES & CHAIN-LINK FENCING Award Letter Renewal Letter Renewal Letter 2
21/22-81MP(R2) ROOFING REPAIRS Award Letter Renewal
21/22-84MP (R2) Custodial Equipment & Repair Tabulation Renewal Letter (R2) Award Letter
22/23-05GB HVAC Filters Award Letter
22/23-06MP Solar Equipment Installation, Repairs and Service Award Letter
22/23-11GB(R1) Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer Service/Repair Tabulation Renewal Award R1 Award Letter
22/23-13MP Lift Station Service and Domestic Water Testing Award Letter
22/23-14GB(R1) Musical Instrument Repair Tabulation Renewal Letter Award Letter
22/23-15GB-R1 Commercial Appliance Repair & Service Tabulation Renewal Letter Award Letter
22/23-1697GB(R1) Hood Fire Suppression Award Letter Renewal Letter
22/23-1703AJ Maico MA1 Audio Meters Tabulation Award Letter
22/23-1707-GB Cool Top Fan & Canopy Tabulation Award Letter
22/23-1710AJ Walter 601A Engine Test Stand Award Letter
22/23-1711GB Bossjet Trailered Sewer Jetter Award Letter
22/23-21KS Wireless Access Point Refresh Including Setup and Installation Award Letter
22/23-22MP Independent Auditing Services Award Letter
22/23-23MP Building Code Administrator Award Letter
22/23-24KS Uninterruptible Power Supplies Award Letter
22/23-96GB(R1) Integrated Pest Management Award Letters Renewal Letter #1
22/23-98GB(R1) Specialty Baked Goods Renewal Letter R1 Award Letter
22/23-27KS Gaming Computers Award Letter
22/23-30KS Dell Chromebooks and Services Award Letter
22/23-31GB Commercial Locksmith Services Award Letters
23/24-1720GB Water Plant Monitoring Award Letter
23/24-40GB Electric Motor Repair Award Letter
23/24-41AJ CTC Marketing Campaign Award Letter
23/24-1722KS ILA Pro Unlimited Translation Devices Tabulation Award Letter
23/24-1723GB Security System Parts - Gates Award Letter & Tabulation
23/24-1724GB Leak Detection Services Award Letter & Tabulation
23/24-632GB Insulated Foil Wraps Award Letter & Tabulation
15/16-76MP Fuel Management System Ranking Award Letter
23/24-633GB Musical Instruments & Supplies Tabulation Award Letters
23/24-47KS AV Equipment with Installation for Professional Development Center Award Letter
23/24-48KS AV Equipment with Installation for Baker Center Award Letter
21/22-76MP (R1) Charging Carts Renewal Award Letter
23/24-634AJ eMerge Access System & Parts Award Letter
23/24-60GB Wireless Microphone System Award Letter & Tabulation
22/23-16GB (R1) Grease Trap Total Clean Out Tabulation Renewal Letter
23/24-635MP Single Stream Recycling Service Tabulation Award Letter
23/24-61AJ Cleaning Service - Mold & Water Remediation Ranking Award
21/22-76MP (R2) Charging Carts Renewal Letter #2