Sungard Public Sector (Bi-Tech)

  • Chart and graph icon. Sungard Public Sector, (formerly Bi-Tech) is the software vendor that provides the necessary software to manage the financial information for Charlotte County Public Schools. SungardPS uses BusinessPLUS software called IFAS (Integrated Financial & Administrative Solutions) to provide accounting solutions to their K12 client base. This software provides such functions as human resources, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, general ledger, and work orders. It also houses the staff information needed for state reporting.

    ICS staffs three talented programmers to manage the financial software; they are Kristy Jones, Trish Sloughfy and Scott Weedo.

Requests for Development

  • There is a formal system in place for requests concerning development and maintenance of the programs and software. In order to be assigned properly, all requests should be made through Darrell Milstead, Director of ICS. Once a request has been submitted and is approved, it will be assigned by the Director to the appropriate party for production. Upon completion of program changes and updates, all interrelated systems are tested to insure quality and data integrity before the changes are released to end users.