Disaster Recovery Plan

  • The ICS Departments has a disaster recovery plan and a contingency plan in place. The Disaster Recovery Plan is evaluated by the ICS Steering Committee on a yearly basis and upon recommendations from the committee, the Plan is tested for proper functionality. ICS Personnel are trained on Disaster Recovery procedures and their individual responsibilities during the test phase of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

    The Disaster Recovery Plan includes:

    • An offsite storage location.
    • An offsite Access Control procedure for data security.
    • A written emergency plan addresses of all vital locations.
    • Suitable backup procedures which can reproduce all data functions.
    • Critical applications are Sungard Public Sector (Bi-Tech) and FOCUS. Others are not considered critical in the operation of District functions.
    • Priority of application processing will be Payroll, HR functions, Inventory, Purchasing and Student Data - in this order. All other function will take secondary priority.
    • The vendors assisting ICS with Disaster Recovery are:
      • Digital Controls Corporation
      • FOCUS School Software

    The ICS Contingency plan is in place to allow recovery in the day to day events that may interrupt data processing. The Contingency Plan includes the following:

    • Data and Program files are backed up nightly by the night Computer Operator or established automated procedures.
    • Servers are backed up nightly.
    • Remote storage of backup tapes at the Special Projects building in Punta Gorda are exchanged weekly.