Protecting Your Privacy

  • While correspondence within the district is of public record, sensitive individual staff and student data is not to be made public. According to the Overview of Florida Law Relating to Open Government, any communication between two or more individuals related to government business is a matter of public record.

    Additionally, computer transmissions are a matter of public record.

    "The use of computers to conduct public business is becoming increasingly commonplace. While there is no provision generally prohibiting the use of computers to carry out public business, their use by members of a public board or commission to communicate among themselves on issues pending before the board, is subject to the Sunshine Law. Op. Att'y Gen. Fla. 89-39 (1989). See also, Op. Att'y Gen. Fla. 96-34 (1996) ("E-mail" is a public record)."

    To avoid misuse of information, ICS does not use email to transmit sensitive data that could later be a matter of public record. Therefore, requests for confidential information cannot be transmitted via email and will be handled in a manner more appropriate for the situation.

    Finally, Charlotte County Public Schools reserves the right to release "directory" information without prior permission of the parent or guardian as detailed in the following categories: School publications, yearbooks, programs for school events, handbills, rosters, and school news to media. Such information will be limited to the student's name, address, grade level, age, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic teams, dates of attendance, graduation date, and awards and honors received.

    Parents objecting to this use of "directory" information must notify the school principal in writing that this information about their child is not to be released.