• Families,
    Monday morning we begin our new adventure together of virtual learning.   I am delighted to say that every household has one or more members that have joined Remind.  Your children can join as well but will need parental approval if under age 13.  It is a way they can communicate to me if they have questions.   Since Remind comes into my cell phone I will see those messages usually before any others.  I do have access to to this school email account on my phone as well and check it regularly.   Please don't hesitate to message me any time of day.  
    The first thing I ask is that you each take time to relax.  I don't want you to worry about your child's academics.  That's my job.   I repeat.... Let ME WORRY ABOUT SCHOOL!  The kids are not use to having to lead their own learning.   They have had myself guiding, breaking things down into small pieces and adapting the material all year.   Edgenuity won't be anything they have probably encountered before.   It is a program Charlotte County uses for Credit Retrieval (an online course students take when they fail a core subject).   So students who have used Edgenuity were already taught the information once by a classroom teacher.  Ms. Gilbert in guidance has gone in and activated all available accommodations Edgenuity offers that each student is entitled to in their IEP.
    Monday morning around 7am the district will activate student access to Edgenuity.   CCPS was trying to be sure that no one began early during this past week when they were on the extended Spring Break.  I myself have limited access to explore the program as well because not even staff has access to the course details.  Last week I received an overview training of the software from the company.  
    Students will be doing their Core classes (ELA/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) in the Edgenuity program.   The classes in their schedule that are electives (Gym, Computers, STEAM, Culinary, Band, Learning Strategies and Social Emotional) will be done through Google Classroom. 
    What Can Your Child Expect Upon Logging Into Edgenuity?
    Students will first have to watch a video showing them how Edgenuity works.   Unfortunately they will have to sit through this for each of the four classes but I think for some this repetition will be beneficial.   Edgenuity is instructing them on Semester 2 content.  Due to our slower pacing most of this information will be brand new to your child.   PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND THEY MIGHT BE MISSING PRIOR INFORMATION which could add to their struggle.  
    After watching the How To video students take what is called a Prescriptive Test.  Unfortunately I don't know how long this will take each child but allow at least an hour of time per subject.   The Prescriptive Test goes through all the content in the course.   If a child demonstrates proficiency on a skill  then the Edgenuity program will know they don't have to be taught this information.  It is a form of PreTest.   DO NOT WORRY IF SCORES ARE POOR.   They are being tested on information they have never been taught.   So any score 1% or higher is fantastic in my eyes!  Encourage your child to take their time, as long as they need, and make their best effort.   Remind them not to rush or "blow it off" because it is to their advantage to do well.  Let them know if they can pass course content on the Prescriptive test it is less information they will have to do in the program.
    Google Classroom
    Students will be doing their learning for their other classes on Google Classroom.   We worked with joining classes and completing assignments in Google Classroom the days before Spring Break.  My gut told me we might turn to virtual learning and I wanted to have them utilize this program while they had my support there at school.   I have created subject specific classes for students and sent them invitations to each class.   They are only to join the class for their grade level.  Learning Strategies and Social Emotional are the only ones that all 12 students should be joining.   They will all be in the original class I created titled K Powell 2019-2020 but there will not be any new assignments posted here.  Our classroom para, Carla Bounds will also be able to access these classes and might provide feedback  or create assignments as well to students.
    MINIMUM Expectations for Week 1 - March 30 to April 3
    Monday - Log into Classlink, Join their Google Classroom Courses, Log into Edgenuity and watch at least 1 intro / how to use Edgenuity video.
    Tuesday - Complete at least 1 Prescriptive Test (any course)
    Wednesday - Complete a 2nd Prescriptive Test (any course)
    Thursday - Complete a 3rd Prescriptive Test (any course)
    Friday - Complete 4th and final Prescriptive Test,  Have completed assignments given by other teachers (Gym, Band, etc)
    By End of Week - Students will need to have watched all the Edgenuity intro videos, completed the Prescriptive tests for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, Completed any assignments on Google Classroom (Pay attention to Google classroom due dates, some might not be due until AFTER April 3) and most importantly, RELAXED.
    Families, this is not traditional homeschooling.   Currently we are all in new territory.   No one has ever had to learn or even live in this type of situation.   Some kids might be experiencing anxiety, fear, sadness, depression, or similar feelings.  Your kids are use to routine, structure, friends, and me.   They are not use to self pacing, household distractions, missing friends and being cooped up in their homes.
    Let me say again, my job is to worry about their academics.   My job is to get mad, annoyed, worried etc about where the kids are at academically.   What I ask is you give them a say in when they work on their academics.   Some students might be ready to go at 8am Monday while others not until 8pm.   I have had the pleasure of getting to know your kids and love them as much as my own daughter Katie.   I thank you all in advance for letting me take the lead on this and monitoring their instruction.
    Apologies for such a long email.   There will be additional emails to come in the next week of various topics.   It would be extremely helpful to just reply (NOT REPLY ALL) so I know you reviewed the information.   You can reply with questions, thoughts or concerns via email or Remind.
    Have a fun filled, relaxing Sunday!
    Love to you all!
    Mrs. Kelley Powell
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