• Homework Policy

    I believe homework helps practice the skill taught in class and builds responsibility as a student.  4th graders should have about 40-45 minutes of homework nightly.  


    4th graders will have nightly homework, Monday through Friday.

               Read 20 minutes each night. Record book and pages in planner

            Math - nightly practice on skill taught in class


  • Monthly Math Projects:  

    Each month fourth grade students will be completing a math project.  These projects will help students to understand real world applications of math skills they are learning in class.  We are off to a great start so far with our first two projects complete.


  • Traveling Scientistgirl looking at microscope

    Traveling Scientist is a weekly scientist that conducts an experiment at home.  Each scientist has a week to ask a question, form a hypotheis, conduct the experiment, and draw conclusions.  Each 4th grader will be the scientist of the week once throughout the year.  See below for our class scheldule. 

    Traveling Scientist Schedule