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  • All Free Meals


    I am glad to tell you that your child may have both a free breakfast and a free lunch for the entire school year, thanks to the USDA offering all free meals to all students.  You can locate your child’s keypad number under the classified tab in their Focus account.  To refresh our customers’ memories, would you please have your child practice their keypad number on a calculator a few times before the first day of school?   It is the same keypad number as last year.  Most children master the pattern of their number with just a few repetitions on a calculator, and you can verify they are practicing the correct keypad number on the calculator screen.  We ask that our student customers state their last name, too, so please encourage your child to clearly state their last name to the cashier after entering their keypad number.  


    All free meals to all students means our food & nutrition services program provides a great opportunity for your child to enjoy the healthy breakfast and healthy lunch at no cost to families every school day at Champ’s Cafe.  Breakfast is offered 30 minutes or more before school starts, and there are lots of choices at both breakfast and lunch.  Even a child who prefers to bring his lunch from home can go through the serving line and select, for free, at least three food items, as long as one food item is a fruit or vegetable, or they may select up to the six food items included in a full school-prepared meal to supplement a packed lunch.  


    This free meals program means there is no need to complete an application for free meals for your student.  All Charlotte County students, elementary through high school, are eligible for free meals this school year. 


    Feel free to send a payment of cash or check so your child can purchase some of the ala carte items we offer, from an extra milk or carton of juice to a healthy snack.  You can track your child's purchases online through PayPAMS, put money on their account with a credit or debit card through PayPAMS, and see your child's account balance through both their Focus account and through PayPAMS.  Please check our Champ’s webpage within the district’s website:  yourcharlotteschools dot net, for a link to PayPAMS and other Champ’s Café information.  I encourage you to download the Nutrislice app to your smartphone for our menus and nutrient facts. 


    Please feel free to call the Champ's Cafe office at 941-575-5400 or your school’s Champ’s Café manager with any questions you may have.  Our goal is for your child to refuel for learning each day at Champ's Café!