Liberty Is a Title 1 School

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  • What is Title I?
    Title I is part of No Child Left Behind, an educational law passed in 2001.  Title I is the
    largest government program for schools.
    What does Title I do for schools?
    Title I gives extra MONEY to schools that have a lot of low-income students.  This helps
    make sure that ALL students get an A+ education.  Title I money helps:
     Students do better in school.
     Give more training to teachers.
     Get parents more involved.  
    How do schools use Title I money?
     Hire extra teachers.
     Give staff more training.
     Host more activities for parents.
     Buy more teaching materials.
     Buy more computers and software.
    Title I schools need your help!
    Title I schools need YOU on their team.  Parents can help in many ways:
     Go to school meetings and activities.
     Talk to your child’s teacher.
     Read at home with your child.
     Get other parents involved!
    What is Title 1?
    U.S. Department of Education
    Florida Department of Education
    CCPS Title 1 Website