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Weekly Wellness Tip

Heart disease and stroke, two of the top five leading causes of death in America have at least one thing in common, high cholesterol. Preventing, detecting and treating high cholesterol are key steps to take to prevent the onset of these two deadly diseases. Cholesterol is actually needed by our bodies to carry out various functions, yet an excessive amount leads to a buildup of the waxy, fat-like substance on the walls of your arteries, leading to blockage. There are two types of cholesterol, the good and the bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and the bad cholesterol is called low-density lipoprotein. To help you differentiate between the two, just think remember we want our good cholesterol to be HIGH (HDL) and our bad cholesterol to be LOW (LDL). The best way to battle high cholesterol is to prevent it before it starts. Increase your intake of fiber and foods that contain polyunsaturated fats while avoiding saturated and trans fats in your diet, add movement to your day (exercise), maintain a healthy weight (balancing diet and activity) and do not smoke.

For more specific information on these tips, go to www.heart.org.

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Lemon Bay High School Theatre Department Presents: The Glass Menagerie

I've Been Back To School - Oct. 7th


ABATE - Peace River Chapter rides again! 

For 18 years the ABATE Peace River Motorcycle Club has ridden into the Charlotte County School District to drop off school supplies for the Teacher Supply Depot. Sunday, August 24, found numerous bikers with backpacks filled with goodies traveling down Hwy 41 to Education Way to be greeted by Mary Fred Clemmons, Executive Director of Charlotte Local Education Foundation. Johnny Martin, President of the local ABATE Club, presented Mrs. Clemmons with a check as she presented him a Certificate of Thanks. Every year we look forward to the generosity of this wonderful group. 

Charlotte Local Education Foundation (CLEF) Grants

Charlotte Local Education Foundation (CLEF) has been awarded several grants to fund the renovation, furnishing and equipping of TechSmart classrooms at Punta Gorda Middle, Port Charlotte Middle, and Murdock Middle Schools. The funding will also provide additional equipment for the TechSmart classrooms at LAAinger Middle School, which were provided this year through a grant of $90,678.00 from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

  •  The William G.Selby and Marie Selby Foundation is providing $111,624.16
  • The Punta Gorda Rotary is providing $14,000.00
  • The Suncoast Credit Union Foundation is providing $4,000.00

Charlotte County Public Schools is extremely grateful for the generosity of these donors for making the TechSmart clssrooms possible, and to CLEF for facilitating the grants. Look for more information about these exciting learning environments when they are completed in the fall.

Classroom Grants

The Charlotte Local Education Foundation thanks everyone for submitting grants for the STEM area of teachers and technology:

Because of additional match money from Suncoast Credit Union Foundation, CLEF is able to award funding to four schools.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Gaylin Behling, 5th Grade, Kingsway Elementary - "Daily Math and Daily Vocabulary with Daily Technology using iPad Minis"
  • Karen Link, 1-2 ESE, Liberty Elementary - "Documentaries to Increase Literacy"
  • ReAnna Montwheler, 6-8, LA Ainger Middle - "Documentaries to Increase Literacy in Middle School"
  • Alicen Rhodes, K-5, Deep Creek Elementary - "Investigating and measuring scientific data"

Going Green!

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DISCLAIMER: Google™ Translate is a program that was not developed by Charlotte County Public Schools. By making this program available to visitors to our website, Charlotte County Public Schools is not in any way approving or endorsing this program or the results generated there from, and nothing herein should be construed as such an approval or endorsement by Charlotte County Public Schools. Charlotte County Public Schools cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of translations through Google™ Translate and, because of this, strongly encourages users of this program to critically read the information translated through the use of this program and, in the event of any doubt as to the accuracy of the translated document, strongly encourage users to seek an alternate mode of translating the information on our website to their language of choice.


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